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Страница 101

IV. Письмо

Напишите о героях своего края (области). Опишите их жизнь и достижения. (100 слов).

When I hear the word “hero”, I think of my mum. I admire my mum because she has suffered a lot in her life but still she tries her best to be the best mum in the world. She was born in a small town and when she was just 17 she moved to Saint-Petersburg. She had no money and no support from her family. Her dream was to study Art, but unfortunately, she had no choice but to study Architecture. She didn’t regret studying this subject, because she met my father in the university. I don’t know if I ever have another example to follow, but now she is my hero. For me a hero is a person who works really hard, who gives her closest people what they need and who supports you no matter what happens in life. Real heroes are always with us, despite all the troubles. Many people around my mum admires her.

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