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Страница 107

Урок 3

1. Пишем правильно. Это часть письма вашего иностранного друга, Джулии. Напишите ответное письмо Джулии (около 100 слов). Ответьте на ее вопросы. Следуйте правилам написания письма.

kv. 14, dom 147

ul. Pobedy

Saint Petersburg




Dear Julia,

Thank you a lot for your letter. In your letter, you asked me about my free time activities.

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I like spending my free time with my family. When it is summer, we go to the country to gather mushrooms and pick up berries. We are fond of swimming in the forest lake. When it is winter, we go skiing and skating. We are mad about doing winter sports and we get a lot of impressions out of such outings. When it is spring, we have picnics in the local park. We find this activity an enjoyable one. In the evenings, we often watch TV together. It is a change from our daily duties.

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Do you spend your free time with your friends? What hobbies do they have? Do you share the same interests?

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I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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Best wishes,


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