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I. Use of English

1. Что говорит Майк о своей школьной жизни и любимом предмете? Заполните пропуски, вставляя слова из рамочки. Есть одно лишнее слово.

1. a waste of time

2. miss

3. look forward

4. events

5. take part in

6. field trips

7. outings

8. by heart

9. do without

10. mix

11. discover

2. Дети говорят о школе и школьных видах деятельности. Перепишите то, что они говорят, в косвенную речь.

1. Robert says that there are different clubs at his school. He thinks that he’ll join a chess club.

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2. Jane says that she is good at a lot of subjects. She is happy that she gets only A’s and B’s.

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3. Linda says that she is starting a new school. She worries that she doesn’t know anyone in her class.

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4. David says that he doesn’t like the lessons starting early. He’s upset that they have to be at school by 8 o’clock.

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5. Sarah says that last term they went on a school outing to their local museum.

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6. Kate says that her friend and she go to a drama club. They’re glad that they often perform at their school concerts.

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