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Страница 6

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1. Это часть письма Джулии.

Напишите ей ответное письмо. Ответьте на ее вопросы. Придерживайтесь правил написания писем. Напишите письмо, содержащее примерно 100 слов.

kv. 14, dom 147

ul. Pobedy

Saint Petersburg




Dear Julia,

Thank you a lot for your letter. In your letter, you asked me about my school.

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I like going to school, too. I’m interested in foreign languages, that’s why I’m fond of English lessons. The only thing I’d like to change in my school – is our canteen. There should be more healthy food, I suppose. I also visit some school clubs. We can learn how to play chess, dance and sing there. I like playing chess. I go to the chess club together with my best friend.

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I hope to see you soon.

Best wishes,


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