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IV. Письмо

Если у вас есть хороший друг, и если вы хотите похвастаться своей дружбой, напишите о своем лучшем друге (друзьях) в подростковый журнал TEEN Back-to-school Special (100 слов). Не забудьте сказать, почему вы являетесь лучшими друзьями.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I’m writing to your magazine to tell you about my good friend. She is my best friend and I’d like to show off our friendship.

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Let me tell something about my friend:

My friend’s name is Masha and she lives in Moscow. We communicate everyday chatting and emailing each other. We met several years ago and became best friends. She sometimes travels to my place. She is smart and pretty. She has a good sense of humor and she goes in for learning foreign languages. I can always turn to her for help and advice. She is fair, kind, friendly and honest. We have many things in common. We’re interested in watching the same TV-shows. We don’t fall out very often, that’s why I like our friendship. It’s important to have someone you can always write to.

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I’m really looking forward to seeing my story published in your magazine.

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Best wishes,


V. Cultural Awareness

С какими утверждениями ниже вы согласны?

1. I agree with this statement.

2. I agree with this statement.

3. I can’t agree with it, because I know nothing about twinned schools.

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4. I agree with this statement.

5. I agree with this statement.

6. I can’t agree with this statement, because people in every country have their own problems in relationships.

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7. I can’t agree with it, because, for example, Africans have different customs and traditions.

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