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Тип:рабочая тетрадь

Страница 96

Урок 4

1. Напишите статью о человеке для вашей школьной доски славы. Опишите его или ее достижения. (100 слов)

Jennifer Lawrence is my hero. She is famous American actress. She lives in the USA. She is famous for her brilliantly played characters in the different movies. When she was just 21 years old, she was nominated for the Academy Award for the best female character in the movie “The winter bone”. But just a couple of years later she won her first Oscar and she keeps being nominated for the different awards and she is only 29 years old now. Her best partner in the most of her movies is Bradley Cooper, they have played together in about 3 or 4 movies. In Russia, she is well-known for her character Katniss Everdeen in the movies “The Hunger Games”. She is my hero because she has achieved a lot. And she didn’t give up when she didn’t get her first Oscar for the movie Winter Bone. She continued to act in the films and she got many other awards.

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Урок 5

1. Дети комментируют следующее утверждение.

Закончите комментарии, используя утверждения из рамочки.

1. I can’t agree

2. I don’t think that’s right

3. I absolutely agree

4. Yes, maybe, but…/Agreed, but…

5. Yes, but on the other hand…

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