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Страница 47

3. Выберите верный ответ, чтобы заполнить каждый пропуск в предложениях. Обведите свой выбор.

1. ought to

2. was able to

3. needn’t

4. needn’t

5. ought to

6. needn’t

7. shouldn’t

IV. Говорение (Учебник)

V. Письмо

Вы получили письмо от англоговорящего друга по переписке, Дейва.

Напишите письмо Дейву и ответьте на три его вопроса. 100-120 слов. Помните о правилах написания писем.

Dear Dave,

I’ve just received your letter. I really appreciate that you’re writing to me. We haven’t talked for ages.

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I have never been on a package tour, but these summer holidays my family and I are going on a two-week holiday to Spain. We’ve decided to choose a package tour, because we don’t have much time on booking tickets and choosing the hotel. I think such tours can really save people’s time. We’ll have so much fun travelling to Spain. Beaches there are very sandy and the sea is warm. I’m going to sunbathe a lot. I’d also like to travel to Italy. This is my second dream after Spain.

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Have you ever travelled to Italy? What’s your favourite type of travelling? How long have you been abroad?

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Write back soon

Best wishes,


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