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3. Для вопросов 1-9, прочитайте текст ниже. Используйте слова, данные заглавными буквами, чтобы образовать с их помощью новые слова, подходящие по смыслу.

1. Different

2. Coordination

3. Overweight

4. Athletics

5. Wrestler

6. Strength

7. Competitive

8. Disability

9. Illness

IV. Говорение (Учебник)

V. Письмо

Некоторые дети проводят много времени, занимаясь спортом.

Какие существуют плюсы и минусы в этом? Приведите свои причины и примеры. Запишите 130-150 слов.

According to researchers, some young children spend a lot of their time practicing sports. There are some advantages and disadvantages for spending much time on sports.

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On the one hand, sport keeps fit. As a result, sport helps young children to be strong and teaches them how to have a good coordination. Therefore, sport provides children from having diseases and being overweight.

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On the other hand, the world of sport can be very competitive. If your child practices sports for his entertainment, there isn’t many factors to be worried about. However, if he does sports for the future profession, he will train a lot and he will probably find out the bad experiences in case of his loss. Consequently, young children can be very sensitive. In addition, such children don’t have enough free time and they simply get tired faster than the others in their class.

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To sum up, there are pros and cons in practicing sports among young children. Parents should control their children to balance their sports life and private one. Sport can develop physical abilities and help with mental problems. But children should have interests in other activities too.

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