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All about me

1. Мое расписание и любимые предметы.

I like English, because I’m really good at this subject. I’m also interested in learning foreign languages. I also like Literature, because I’m fond of discussing characters, events and plot in Russian books. My favourite subject is Geography. It is the most interesting subject for me.

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2. Как я учусь.

I usually study well, in Maths I work hard. In Biology I get 4 and 5, in Literature I get 3 and 4, in Russian I get only 5s, in English I get 4 and 5. My best subject is Russian. I’m the leader in it. I like writing dictations, compositions and learning new rules.

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3. Мои планы в учебе.

I’m going to work harder in Literature. I’m going to study more seriously in Physics, I’m going to listen to the teacher more carefully. I’m going to do my homework better. Besides, I’m going to make more projects in Biology. And I will come to school on time.

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4. Мои вклады в благотворительность.

I think that supporting charities is the great thing. That’s why I am involved into a project where we help people in need. I donate my old clothes, toys and books. I volunteer to make poor people happier.

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