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Страница 137

5. Какие обязанности есть в нашей семье.

In my family, we agree on what chores we have around the house. My parents want me to make my bed. My parents ask me to sweep the floor and wash the dishes. They need my help in planting new flowers. They also make me to do my homework. My parents never let me wash their cars.

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6. Моя семья – за чистую экологию.

In our family, we care about nature. We think about reusing different things. We don’t throw away plastic bags and glass bottles, we reuse them, besides we recycle old clothes and cans. We collect old clothes and toys, and take them to the shelters. More than that, we try to reduce electricity use. I think it helps to save nature.

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7. Мой лучший друг.

I have a friend called Masha. She lives in Moscow. She is 13. She studies in the 7th form. On the whole, my friend is reliable, kind, sociable and polite. We have a lot of things in common. I think she is a true friend because she is always there for me. We are both interested in travelling, reading magazines and collecting stamps. She is smart and she has a good sense of humour. Besides, she is pretty and she wears stylish clothes. I think that she is my best friend.

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8. Мои друзья/одноклассники и я.

I’ve got a lot of friends among my classmates. They are friendly, sociable, kind and reliable. We often hang out. We usually go to the cinema at the weekends. Sometimes we play football in our free time. I think they’re my best friends because I can always rely on them. I’m sure that they will keep all my secrets. Besides, we help each other when we have problems at school.

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